Is Mental Health More Important Than Physical Health?

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This question does seem to have ringtones of being obvious. Surely that is the case. A person’s mental health could very well be more important than his physical health. Because is it not true that should that person’s mental condition be in some form of disarray then it is going to impact negatively in other areas of the physical body. Take the case of high levels of stress and anxiety. As a result, there will be different physical stressors. For some, it will be persistent headaches. For others, it will be stiff muscles. And for others still, prolonged bouts of mental and physical fatigue that never seems to end. For these symptoms and so many more, clinical mental health services in brookline, ma could certainly help.

Now, there are so many of those out there who often experience the abovementioned symptoms as well as others but go no further than vainly attempting to self-medicate. Instead of addressing the root causes of those extreme levels of stress and anxiety, they routinely apply their minds to taking over the counter medications to help deal with those persistent headaches. But how about taking the more practical and responsible route of finding something to calm those nerves down? Indeed, some people are alert to this suggestion, but still. It is back to over the counter remedies which may or may not work.

So why not then just get the grief over and done with for once and for all? And what often comes out of the therapy is that medication, whether counter bought or prescribed, is never going to solve the problem ultimately. Therapy could very well reveal that lifestyle changes are imminent. The challenges of change are raw. But for that there is help.