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Which More Important; Physical Or Mental Health

Here is an intriguing and thought-provoking question. It could be provocative from a moral sense, perhaps also from the disadvantage of ignorance. All will be explained briefly in this introductory note on behavioral health services in desoto, tx. One of the most talked over conditions amongst enlightened minds today is that of gender dysphoria. If you could forgive a hint of subjectivity, this writer hesitates to label it as a mental disorder.

And perhaps with an open mind, and heart, you as a cisgender man or woman could openly acknowledged that you were born to be true not perfect. Indeed, one famous ladylike crooner once bellowed that she was born this way. So, what is to be done? This is how the real therapy proceeds. The serious object of the exercise, the very serious object of the exercise on the part of the behavioral therapist is not to correct the patient but to heal her.

Right from the outset, there is an early acceptance of the patient’s (initially) perceived gender, no matter how young she is. If the patient is as young as, say, ten years of age, her parents will also be brought in for consultation to help them adjust to their child’s gender reality. At that age, the so-called transition from a physically male body to female form can now proceed. It is also at that stage that specialists will administer what are known as puberty blockers.

behavioral health services in desoto, tx

The name says it all. Puberty is essentially blocked in order to prevent complications which could have inhibited the child’s later transition to a fully formed woman. But regrettably the full transition is extremely costly from a financial point of view. So what then is more important? The body? Or the mind?